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  • Alternative to vegetable garden
  • Greater yield than in a vegetable garden
  • Perfect for herbs, salads, vegetables, strawberries and flowers
  • Optimal light conditions
  • Favourable growing conditions
  • Easy and fast assembly without tools
  • No maintenance
  • Sustainable wood

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triolife_bladAlternative to vegetable garden
The TRIOLIFE plant pyramid makes it easy and room saving to grow at home. The upright, pyramid-shaped construction means that you can grow plants at several levels at limited space. You can be self-sufficient in vegetables and herbs without lying on your hands and knees when nursing your plants.

Greater yield than in a vegetable garden
With TRIOLIFE plant pyramid it is possible to grow a whole vegetable garden at limited space as the upright construction makes it possible to grow your plants at several levels. Thus, you can grow much more plants per m2 than in a traditional one-level vegetable garden – which again means that you benefit from a greater crop yield.

Perfect for herbs, salads, vegetables, strawberries and flowers
The TRIOLIFE plant pyramid allows you to grow a great variety of vegetables, herbs, berries and flowers. You can combine as you like, for instance have crisp vegetables on one shelf, fragrant herbs on another shelf and beautiful, colourful flowers on the third shelf. Perennials will come back year after year, for instance certain herbs and strawberries. Due to its three feet, the plant pyramid is raised from the ground. Consequently, certain insects (i.e. Iberian snails) have more difficulty in accessing your plants than in a traditional vegetable garden.

Optimal light conditions
If you place your TRIOLIFE plant pyramid in such a way that one of the tips faces north, the unique design of the plant pyramid ensures that your plants get as much sunlight as possible during a day.

Favourable growing conditions
In a TRIOLIFE plant pyramid, shelves have no bottom. This provides free mobility of nutrients and water in the soil that the plant roots are sharing. This also means that the plant roots have plenty of free space for growing. Thus, the unique design of the plant pyramid provides better growing conditions than traditional plant boxes and pots.

Easy and fast assembly without tools
The TRIOLIFE plant pyramid has been designed such that it is easy and fast to assemble without tools.

No maintenance
The TRIOLIFE plant pyramid needs no maintenance. Once you have assembled it and planted what you wish, all you have to do is to ensure that your plants get enough water on dry days.

Sustainable wood
The wooden TRIOLIFE plant pyramid is made from FSC® certified wood, meaning a guarantee that it comes from sustainable forestry.



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